ABOUT US                                                                                                       

Makhuva Protection Services was founded and established in 2013. The company has level 1 Black Economic Empowerment rating. The driving force beyond the company formation is to deliver Quality products and  Services to the consumers.

Makhuva Protection Services is  PSIRA accredited, South African owned Black Empowerment Company. It is a true reflection of our democratic society where diverse personnel combine their skills, knowledge and experience to provide maximum value and services to our clients. This enables us to continuously perform and deliver on our service delivery promises to our customers.


Makhuva Protection Services is strongly committed to our internal and external stakeholders. We places great emphasis on customer service excellence and we manage to achieve this through strategic planning, direction and implementation.

Makhuva Protection Services strives to identify and satisfy all our customer’s needs by ensuring and supply them with a cost effective security solution and professional security services. This goal is further achieved by management of our staff welfare and morale in order to have a stable and committed workforce.

Makhuva Protection Services promotes the development of employment opportunities within the local communities to eliminate poverty and minimise job losses. We furthermore monitor, conduct and implement training to new employees to enhance personal development


To be recognised as the best security service provider of quality excellence and service of choice.


Makhuva Protection Services mission is to provide affordable, excellent and effective security services to our customers through the implementation of an integrated security guarding solution system in order to safeguard and protect people, assets and premises.


At Makhuva Protection we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We recognise that Integrity – We can be consistently relied upon to practice high ethical and professional standards in our service delivery through our values:

Customer Focus – We have close, open relationships with our customers that generate trust to ensure the mutual benefits of our organizations.

Expertise – We develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative, leading edge approach to creating and delivering the right security solution.

Performance – We challenge ourselves to improve performance on a day to day basis to create long-term sustainability.

Best People – We take care to employ the best quality people, develop their competence through skills transfer programs, provide further opportunities within the organization and inspire them to perform in accordance with our company values.

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